Monday, January 25, 2010

Afew updates

We had a sourdough starter going and made these beautiful loaves. We've since lost the starter but we'll get a new one going this week. I've read using rye is the best and we have some fresh rye grain to grind (today!) to get started again, it was lovely lovely bread.

The boys got colouring books from the grandparents. They haven't done anything much but colour since, they seriously colour in 3 hour stretches. Dinosaurs and Pirates. It has really made things easy for me this week, my first week with everyone gone, Joel back at work. So far so good. A friend dropped by a baby sling and lunch for us today, what an incredible blessing it was! I was able to sit and eat and then sit and knit for an hour with him in this sling. Yay!

Our sweet boy is getting big, fast. His newborn diapers are tight already. He is eating fairly constantly and sleeping most of the time. A little dream baby. Having sleep makes a huge difference in enjoying your baby.

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