Tuesday, February 9, 2010

40 days

A kundalini yoga instructor friend of mine suggested staying at home with the baby for 40 days after the birth, as is practiced in many cultures. This is a cozy,quiet time of healing and bonding and building a loving relationship for the mother, babe and family. Being close during this time allows a more gentle seperation between mother and baby.

So today for me marks day 26. We have been in the house and around the farm, down the trail. But no car rides, grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants yet. I certainly am enjoying this healing time without putting pressure on myself to be out in the world or socializing or stimulating the older boys. I'm taking this magical time to be slow and quiet and create a space of peacefulness. I suppose I am trying to do this in general with all of the children. Not rushing into the fast pace of the world, enjoying our at home life, letting them play and discover in their loving family space. The rest will come soon enough I am sure.

Yummy thumb!!
The boys...Joel's 'pipes', he sure impressed the boys (oh and mama).
Always imitating...


  1. I hope to enjoy 40 days as well; I am due with our second child in two weeks. I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for others who have made a groaning cake. Love your photos.

  2. these photos are so adorable. Erin, i love reading your blog! I like your writing style :)