Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ice house, chicken coop

Here is an old ice house, built 1952. We hadn't had a peek in this building yet because there was a very well established elder tree growing right in front of the door. Robert and Joel decided to find out what was in here so they set to the task of removing this tree. They sawed away then dug out the roots. Then to open the door they had to dig out some big rocks.

Finally they opened the door to find another door. And inside they found an empty cement room which was very chilly. This cement chamber is where the doukhabour family kept the ice in the summer. It is insulated by sawdust. The building is still in great shape, just some patching to be done on the roof. We'll try and put it to use, see if we can store some food in there, more like a root cellar.

We'll need to sweep out the cob webs however, and gain the courage to go in there alone.

Here is the latest building project, a covered area off what will be our chicken coop. This old shed was the summer kitchen we were told, but it is pretty dank and was a mouse mansion for many years until we moved that cat in there. The chickens will like it however, nice and dry and insulated, even has power. It is close enough to the house to make the trips to the coop easier in the winter. I miss having chickens but I know they are a lot of work. The fresh, beautiful, tasty nutrient rich eggs are completely worth it, I feel so good about feeding that kind of food to my children. Country living ain't complete without a rooster crowing in the morn.

Country man, country man, well oiled cast iron frying pan. Feed the cat, feed the dog, feed the chickens, chop the log.

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  1. Erin,
    I love your blog. It's always the first thing I check when I sit at my computer.
    I love the pictures and the sincerity of your comments.
    I anxiously wait for our next visit to your beautiful farm.