Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sloppy Days

A shot of my castle, as the boys call it, Mama's Castle.
Another mild, sloppy day here. We've had weeks above zero, lots of rain and clouds but also some sunshine and it really heats up. I can't believe we still have any snow left. It is essential to get out in the slop everyday however.

Mr. Lazy Pants (in red) getting hauled around in the sled wherever they go. He's very lucky to have such a strong, willing big bro (in blue). This old building is an old sauna. It's solid but needs lots of work to use again. Maybe as the sheep house. There are some really old fruit trees around that I need to figure out how to prune to bring them back to producing.
Still sleeping after all the fresh air. I'm trying to show off his cute cap I knit in some soft grey wool Amy sent for Christmas. The hat does up with a button, which I have undone in the picture. I also knit up his cute merino wool pants. I know the diaper shirt usually goes under the pants but the wool pants serve as a diaper cover as well. Sitting around during the pregnancy allowed me to knit five pairs of these pants for him. Joel's boss sent some super cute clothes in the mail, like his new tractor shirt here, I love the orange! And he's wearing the best wooly baby socks ever, thanks Grandpa Jerry.

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  1. oh! so happy to see the lovely creation you made with the wool!
    what a beautiful babe. :)

    sending love!