Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beginning our garden

Here is whats been going on in our slowly growing patch of garden... Some raised beds are made and planted...We're working the north half while we've opened the chicken's run onto the other to help us rip it up a bit for our big potato planting. We've heard planting potatoes (even right on top of the grass) will help us get rid of the couch grass and improve the soil. So we'll continue to dig up the grass this month and whatever we don't finish will be potatoes. We might even start another garden just by tossing potatoes everywhere, then in the fall have a big harvest (we eat a lot of pratties) and plant lots of garlic. This year we're not expecting much from this garden but so far so good, at least we have something going on in there. Joel sure did a nice job on the fence using posts he found around the land. The chickens can roam on the run in the left on this photo, all the way to their coop in the back. Lucky gals, as long as a hawk doesn't find them out in the open there.
I'm using old bits of cedar planks from one of the many piles of wood as the garden pathways.

And some things are popping up!

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