Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birds and babies

Another shot of the basket baby! He loves this DressMeUp cloth bunny from Gillian & Dylan. He is always chewing on it. Poor guy, we think some teeth may be coming. Here we go with all of that. Lots of drool, chomping on whatever comes near that mouth, a bit unhappy. Break out the chamomilla and amber necklace. I did pick up a bottle of baby tummy oil by a lovely company called Weleda to massage his belly if that ever seems to be the problem. He really loves the belly massage, it seems to have pleased him everytime. Weleda also makes a good nursing tea and the other products of theirs I have tried I really like as well. I couldn't resist putting a few things in my studio, I have so many projects I want to get started on. Joel put the tin roof on today, all by himself! Then he built me some steps. He treats me so well. This old mirror, cupboard, step stool and windows were all found in buildings on the farm. I want to give it some french country flair, my favourite. What an amazing space! This is Otis, our friends cat who will be with us a little while longer. He is an amazing cat but used to going outside and we have to keep him in. He really wants out and is up all night, ripping around the house. It'll be good to say bye when the time comes.The goose/osprey showdown continues. The osprey seem to be just waiting now for the geese to vacate. I hope it is soon so the osprey can get on with the courting and babies and such. It has been a big part of our days watching them. Today there were 3 ospreys soaring the sky, then a huge golden eagle passed over. This we saw through the flurry of swallows. This place is thick with birds unlike anything I have ever seen. So beautiful.
8 weeks old now. She's sure a little heel nipper. But very smart.

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  1. that pic of Coconut is so charming! what a cute little puff ball.