Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gentle Discipline

I thought I would post this list here since it has helped me so much the past couple of days. It is from which I check in with often to recharge and be inspired. I wrote this out and pinned it on my wall.

Here are your helpers in the guiding of a small child under the age of six: (these are in no special order).

1. Connection and attachment

2. A good rhythm with lots of outside time – hours of outside time a day!

3. A healthy diet and rest and sleep.

4. Low stimulation

5. Less words on your part, more action, more imaginative phrasing than just a direct verbal command. Using your words like a paintbrush to paint a picture.

6. Having the child make restitution for their mistakes if it is fixable

7. Having realistic expectations for the child’s age.

8. Warmth toward this child on your part – the more the child is acting out of sorts, the more you need to connect with this child.

9. The setting of boundaries that are not movable. You can still be gentle and set a boundary. They are going to push against the rhythm, against the boundary, and you can still be gentle.

10. A parental time-out when you need it.

11. Time-in when they need it.

12. You taking care of yourself! A frazzled mommy cannot effectively and gently guide their small child. Take a breather and slow down.

13. The ability to forgive yourself and start over the next minute if you need to. It is never too late to start over, to collect your child and connect to your child.

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