Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nursing tea

This is the quart jar cozy I knitted up from a pattern on ravelry. This was a wonderful and satisfying project I finished in 1 day using some wool that was too itchy to be worn. I make tea in a jar everyday, an infusion of nettles, raspberry leaf, fennel seed, anise seed, sometimes some others like fenugreek, star anise, dill seed, caraway, orange peel and cinnamon. These are all wonderous herbs for nursing mamas, loads of calcium, iron, and vitamins, some support lactation, others help dispell gas and aid digestion for the baby. I like to buy Weleda nursing tea as a treat but everyday I am drinking a jar of my own blend, something I find so nourishing and so good for the baby. Kristen and I both use nursing teas with our babies now and we're guessing that it is helping since our babes seem to handle gas and digestion fairly well, compared to what we have seen in the previous babies. And it feels good to know & use these amazing plants that can help us. Also the ritual of a cup of tea, a quiet still moment. Beautiful old quart jars from Grandma...
Anyone else drink tea from jars? I'll knit ya a cozy.

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