Sunday, May 16, 2010

mid may

It was a gorgeous week here. We spent some fine hours on the beach with friends and did a lot of work on the land. The sheepies are still sleeping en plein air, this is the nice shack we wish they would just sleep in so we could close them up... Every night I stress and wonder if we'll wake up to a massacre, we need to get on putting up an electric fence line and some barbed wire. Feeling very busy! They are Icelandic so we have named the babies Bjorn and Bjork.
This weeks story's main character was called Skul Bjorn so it was fitting. Every week we pick a story and do our crafts and work based on the story. Lately our stories are from a book called Swedish Folk Tales, Beautiful illustrations.

A beautiful spot for toast and tea...

Farm boys catching snakes, stay away from me!

4 month old sweetie, he gets a million kisses a day...
Can words describe this kid?

The garden, shovel by shovel load the beds grow. I've hauled sand to the carrot beds, some compost to a couple of other beds, a nice mulch of grass clippings. We have most of it planted since this picture, and we'll be putting black plastic over the piles of couch, to cook it up so we have some nice beds next year. I'm trying not to expect much from the garden this year but I can't help but want to plant more than potatoes!!

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  1. Lovin' the new pictures! I sure want to see those boys! What an exciting time you guys must have!