Sunday, May 2, 2010

gratitude for water

When I look back in my mind to our weekend I do not conjur up these images.... but its what is on the camera so I will share....
Here Big bro #1 has taken some shot of babe & mama in a feeding & elimination session.

He always poos in the bowl and I am thankful for that, not having to use a diaper for it and also to be kind to his skin. He rashes so easily, thats the main reason I do this. I'm sure I'd like to look back on these pics someday, its a huge part of my life right now.

Fierce faced after our beautiful water celebration the community has every year at Beltane. This guy wanted to look mean and after this paint job went around the festival growling at everyone (almost too much). He has changed overnight. All of a sudden he has a sense of humour, he is easy going and listening very well, even helping out. VERY opposite from his former behaviour. What happened? He is almost 4...
It is so fun! Amazing family event including a march down to the water with the samba band, awesome live music all day, kids stuff going on. I really love this community, I feel like we have stayed put long enough to find some nice friends who know and care about us, especially the children. We are so proud of our beautiful clean water, it is thrilling to come together as a community to celebrate and give thanks for this. It is inspiring & vital how active folks are around here to preserve and inform on water issues. Papa performed with his Afreak drum troupe and again with a local singer/songwriter. We are his biggest fans, wish I had photos to share.
Here they are this evening begging for a snack after bath. Thankfully a friend had given us a jar of pear butter and provided me with an instant fix.

Other than that our weekend was full of sheet mulching the perimetre of our garden, weeding out the missed couch grass and harming my seedlings in the process. Joel is putting up some more fencing because we have some new animals lined up to join our small farm (in the making) this coming week!!! I sold 8 chicks to a friend and learned about pasting up rears in chicks and cleaned off the encrusted rears on about 6 of them. Yikes. Well I'm getting more used to this stuff.

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