Monday, July 12, 2010

Food & Love

Our baby seems to be getting his neck all of a sudden. Super cute. And today he is offically into rolling. Put him on his back and all of a sudden he's on his belly. He ate his first huckleberries today, they are sour, his facial expressions were hilarious! I'm still hunting for a highchair. I see hints of Grandma Y and Aunty Amy's eyes here...Had to throw in these papa shots, taken by the biggest boy. Papa is amazing, cooking for us and cleaning when I tell him to. A good man.
Right now is all about food (or when isn't life food focused?). The garden is starting to inspire every meal. Here is our quiche...
Rhubard & sour cherry (from Aunty Appleseed) with elder blossoms compote on yogurt...

Stuck in the middle with you... this kid is so challenging! He screams, he is so quick to anger... Lord help me. The only way to respond to him is with love or it is hell, hell I tell you.


  1. Good thing he's so darn cute

  2. No doubt hey Rena? So cute.

    nearly shed a tear looking at the first pic (with the reference to me and my mom), i cant wait to hold that babe. :)