Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shade On the Beach

Here is the completed project. We have already put it to good use, what a pleasure to have this beautiful solid structure. The higher ledge is an excellent place for drinks, food, etc, up high from the dog. The bench is ultra comfort, sitting there looking out onto the water.Counter tops for lounging on...Or standing on or climbing up higher on... I still don't have excellent photos of the treasure chest we hauled out of the pit this weekend. It took two men to lift this! It was packed full of treasure, pounds of coins (dubloons?), jewellery, a Turkish dagger, a hatchet, secret compartments... This chest is really a piece of art.
We discovered the chest belonged to the infamous Red-Beard that Grandpa seemed to know a lot about (alter ego?)...

Checking in on our water source, Papa took the boys to visit our water box on the creek up in the cool cedar forest... we are so thankful for our beautiful water! Can't forget little guy... annoying teething continues.

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