Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Slaying The Dragon

Pinata full of beeswax, felt balls, earth chocolates.  We shared a big dragon bread, had a bonfire & ate roasted bits of meat.  Oh, and a great scavenger hunt.

"Am I to be a valiant knight?  Then there's a battle I must fight.  For I must choose right from the start, not strength of arm but strength of heart.  My sword shall of goodwill be made, and love, the keenness of my blade."

They wore the capes of light (for bravery) that they dyed, shields we made, & swords we have polished:

"I’ll polish my sword, so fine, so bright.
I will use it for the right,
Not for some silly quarrel or fight,
But to drive away evil, I will try
 And protect those who are weaker than I."

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