Monday, October 25, 2010

Knit Sew Eat Drink

Planning a few lovely items from this book.
Experimenting with a few recipes from this, a new favourite book.

Inspired after discovering this book.
Best baby pants ever!!  In a wool/alpaca blend, knit up pretty quickly as well.  Baby wears these over everything and  we're working on the next pair.
Will drink with the famous Chocolate Craggy cake.
Recent sewing station, been sewing a lot!
First gallon of milk from new cow friend, Daisy the Dexter.  Her yogurt was the best we ever tasted & an interesting first try at cheese making.  Yes we are thinking cow, not quite yet though.
We have our baby to take care of.
And buildings to move around, & fences to be erected.
Fires to build & pizzas, pumpkin pies & millet muffins to bake.
Puppy to train.

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