Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After our pumpkin story we went out and the boys each found a nice pumpkin.

This one became out pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

Should have made this when Grandparents Y & R visited on the weekend (no pics from the visit!), baked in the cob oven.  Will do that someday soon. 
wash the squash

It was finally time to haul in our winter squash.  We weighed it all out at 82.5 lbs.  The boys washed them up and we laid them out beside the wood stove in front of the big window.  A few days later and they've all ripened up beautifully.  Now according to my new fav book, "Preserving Food Without Canning or Freezing", I can rub them with vegetable oil and they should keep well for months.


  1. beautiful! whats your favorite way to prepare squash erin?

  2. Mine? Probably a soup...but who cares about me...these boys want pie!
    How about you?