Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent Begins

He's got that first step up down.

Jeez mama, finish painting the floor & stairs already, it looks awful in all the photos...maybe in  springtime  when we can keep it airy.

Brothers, I'm coming!


We were out early this morning, the clouds soon lifted  and gave us a blue sky day.

Harvesting cedar for the advent wreath.

Kids call this candy.

It was a magical morning, we love this home.

Fencing ongoing, and probably for the long term.  We fenced in our zone 1 now the dog can't run up & scare folks on the trail or visitors who drive up to our house.
Chickens love a fresh layer of straw in their covered run.  We are getting loads of eggs!
The needle knitting of the recorder case continues.  We have had to unravel it back a couple of times due to a hole or increasing stitches but he doesn't seem discouraged, he says he is addicted to knitting.  He has also been busy crocheting & spool knitting these braclets & necklaces.  They are for himself & Christmas gifts for loads of people.  He is completing each one start to finish totally on his own, I should say from the idea to the finished product.  He cuts & measures & ties it off all on his own & has kept very busy with this all week.
We wet felted rocks for our advent wreath, which we set up this weekend as well.  We made the wreath from willow & cut cedar to add some green.  Then we decorated with rocks, crystals, gems, shells we have collected over the years.
week 1 stones
"The first light of advent is the light of stones, stones in seashells, crystals & bones".

We celebrate advent in a symbolic & somewhat traditional way.    I have a new book, The Light in the Lantern, which has a story for each day of advent which will be fun. I look forward to telling these little stories, each one only one day a year as they grow, it will be so special.  Each evening we will light our advent candle(s) & sing an advent song I learned as a child at a Catholic school.  
"Light the advent candle one, now the waiting has begun.  We have started on our way, time to think of Christmas day.  Candle, candle, burning bright, shining in the cold winter night.  Candle, candle, burning bright!  Fill our hearts with Christmas light."
book, stories for advent

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