Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Halloween day

In full costume.  We sewed these robes from luxurious organic cotton velour.  They are soft and cozy for our wizards out at night.  They have been sleeping in them they like them so much.
Early in the day they were dressed up & I took them to the cafe for hot chocolate, a real treat for them.  The folks out in the world loved them.

We brought our Jack-O'lanterns outside to ward off any naughty little hobgoblins.  We made a bonfire & roasted meat on our sticks.

We had some friends visit for a bit & the kids ran around in the dark screaming & scaring themselves.  After they left our family went in the house for a fire & a Halloween witch "play" by mama the witch.  It had great ambiance.   Feeling really inspired about marionette theatre.  So it was a good celebration.


  1. wow! those are the cutest wizards i have ever seen. looks like they had a pretty amazing night!

  2. Fantastic costumes and the WIZARDS had that look in their eyes that was really SCARY!!! Good job boys!!
    Sounds like a fun time!!!
    Still enjoying the BLOG , Erin, Keep it up my dear!!!

    Love to all !!
    Granty Dee