Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Flurry of Angels

Today we got busy making some angels...  much better with this elegant roving & mohair. These ones are smaller than my first fairy attempt, & I'm getting the hang of keeping their arms slender & the hands covered.  But for every season or occasion one can be adorned to suit, they make great gifts.  I remember a friend giving one to her daughter to celebrate her weaning, another got one as a tooth fairy....

These gals are temporarily hanging out on our tree, to keep them safe.
This one was made as a gift for his little bro.  He did a good job (with a little help here & there).  He proceeded to put it in a box, colour the box with crayons & put it under the tree.  I love it because he really wanted to do this for his brother & he got that giving high.

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