Friday, December 17, 2010

Mmm, soft sweater complete

I finished my first sweater (for myself or any adult).  It was a quick knit & the free pattern is great.  I ran out of my yarn colour a mere 2 inches before completion, which was a bit angering since I made the sleeves & body length a bit long for me, though the free pattern size was XS.  Anyway, I used a different colour of the same yarn to finish off the neck,  I don't really like that.  It may get unraveled and I would re-do in a chunky/thin spun soft, soft yarn as suggested by the pattern.  For this winter though I plan on wearing this ultra warm layer!
(Trying to pose as the model).

A side note: modelling is actually an art, one that I have zero basic skills in!  However, this is my sweater!

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