Friday, December 10, 2010

Nourishing Herbal Infusions

I listened to this talk & was inspired to make these nourishing herbal infusions that Susun Weed recommends (if you get a chance to listen you don't need to hear much before the 16 minute mark).
So we have been working with the herbs this past week, drinking a strong infusion each day & I must say it feels good.  I crave drinking them constantly.  The kids each take a small cup & they sometimes ask for two.  We certainly know what we need to harvest next year!
We take one ounce of dried herb and put that in a quart jar, pour boiling water over that & put on a tight lid.  Let sit 4 hours to overnight.  Then strain & squeeze out the herbs & drink up.  We are using oat straw, nettles, red clover, comfrey leaf, red raspberry leaf & linden.  

Nettles infusion is so dark!  I have always drank these herbs but never in such concentrated amounts.  I like the idea of drinking one each day of the week rather than just a sprinkle of this or that everyday.  

This book is a new favorite.  Plants can help us & food is our medicine.

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