Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oil the Squash

 When we stored our squash away for the winter I didn't rub oil on them first, which helps them keep longer.  This week I noticed slight mold here & there so we hauled the squash out (not too much left!) and the children had a fun time rubbing olive oil on them.  
Only spaghetti squash left.  
Such helpers!

...while baby tossed the mini squash around.  I have a crate of smaller squash like this that are so hard I can't cut them.  Wondering if anyone has suggestions to use them... one friend suggested to just boil them and feed them to the dog...that is what I think I'll try.
I've been picking them up all over the place, he's a busy baby.
Then we wrapped them in paper & put them back in the pantry.
Papa built us some crates from scrap wood & old weathered barn boards, fitting perfectly on the shelf.


  1. awesome, i didn't know that about oiling them! i saw this funny video from bloodroot restaurant/collective on opening a hubbard squash, but can't seem to find the link, basically the person in the video took the squash, raised it above their head, and let it drop and smash and the ground (then of course picked up the pieces + cooked them).
    squash is really good cooked with onions + apples (if you have those left too) and made into a hash (cook with butter, thyme, hot sauce, s+p,garlic + cream [or whole milk in a pinch] stirred in when things soften up...), then topped with fried or poached eggs + eaten with toast... (maybe you already do this, but would be a good use if you drop and open those little squash you have a lot of:))) i boil squash for my dogs too, they dig it...

  2. I didn't even know to do this, thank you for sharing! Blessings on your weekend.

  3. Try roasting the little ones whole. I did that once with a acorn squash that I has too lazy to chop. Easy to slice into after an hour in the oven.
    I just found your blog the other day and it is such an inspiration.

    Hope to homestead ourselves one of these years. :)

  4. I tried boiling a few & one exploded, the lid flew off the pot!! So be careful if trying that technique. These cooked up nicely & will make good dog food, all pulpy & full of seeds. I think I will smash for the next attempt.