Sunday, January 16, 2011

Plastic Challenge Inspired Egg Noodles

Inspired by this challenge, we are documenting our plastic use, photographing the accumulation of plastic garbage & recycle each week for a month.   I am pleased to do this project with the children, they will learn awareness of their consumption & waste, & hopefully will become people who choose to do with less, and be thoughtful in their decisions, seeing how we are a whole on this planet.  And of course for myself as well (the one who does the shopping!), this is a big check for me to see where I'm at, I always thought we did well with these things but the garbage & recycle always slowly fill up.  
So I finally got around to trying out making egg noodles from scratch!  Pretty much  just crack some eggs in a bowl, and start adding flour til you get a nice ball.  Roll it out thin on a floured board, cut into strips, then let dry out for a few hours.  Then I tossed them into a pot of boiling water, let them cook for a bit, then sauteed them til a bit crispy, mixed in some chopped kale, garlic & tomatoes, served with a sprinkle of cheese.  The whole family loved it.  And another great way to use up the abundance of eggs we always have. So, fresh noodles with no plastic bag garbage in the end.
Thanks to Molly at Ambatalia for the inspiration.

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