Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She's A Doll...

So excited to be making this doll ( a freestyle Erin pattern)... we decided it would be a she, more to come, with perhaps wider shoulders & smaller hips to be male.  I am having way too much fun making patterns and being her stylist.  Can't wait to knit up some pretty items.  We inserted a red felt heart & some blue thread scraps as veins.  The boys think she is so real.
Excited to put to use this large collection of inherited family heirloom laces & embroidery threads.
Papa + Coconut.
Finished up the last garden cabbage.
Our baby (almost 1!) has a lot of words!  Some local yokels at the restaurant approached us & prophesied his musical brilliance... I agree.
Kids socks done!  And he loves them.
Have I mentioned the sourdough pancakes.  Best recipes ever.
Biggest boy is reading this.  My favourite book as an 8 year old.  I hope this (picture) will be me soon enough because I have decided on 2 milk goats & a few angora goats this year.  Now to get busy setting up.

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  1. every post makes me want to know more about how you seem to live this amazing life (goats, too?!). such a well crafted life, i want your secrets:)))