Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tending to the Details

Sourdough rosemary twists, I used a lot of garlic too.

Baby approved.

I am taking a break from the morning espresso with cream.

I heard a few cardamom pods cancels out the ill effects of caffine in black tea.

The hawthorn branch we brought in for the nature table is bursting with green.  I saw some elders on the trail outside starting to leaf out too though it is chilly here.

Some blossoms coming.
Inspired by her lovely well tended  house plants I have resolved to start taking better care of mine.
I'm working at cleaning & oiling some old wood boxes & crates I found around the old shed, there was much scraping to do.  I'm glad to revive them though, they have that old special something quality to them.

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