Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wood Wool Dwarves

New gate, thanks Papa!  
We play chip-chop the wood with a sweet song, he loves this game.

He thinks it is chip chop time with the spindle.

I finally made a cardboard loom for our big boy.

Trying to teach myself the art of the drop spindle.
Our story this week is Rose Red & Snow White, I love it.  I  know,  I need a smoother chalkboard.
We put the dwarf's treasures into our buns.  We have made a dwarf theme of this week,  we are learning a new dwarf song too...."Little dwarves short & strong, heavy footed march along; Every head is straight & proud, every step is firm & loud..."
And this guy can't get enough homemade almond milk, loves it!


  1. Love all these sweet scenes. That book is wonderful for helping one get started spinning! Enjoy.

  2. amazing as always. i'm trying to teach myself the drop spindle, too:))