Saturday, April 16, 2011

New slab coop in the orchard, we moved them over today.   This will be their summer coop, it isn't insulated.  The other runs can now rest & break the possible cycle of worms.  We will be seeding the resting runs to clover & lentils.

I call it an orchard now since some friends sold us 20 of their fruit trees, mixed varities of apple, cherry, pear, peach & plum.  We got them all in & I took to the task of transplanting some iris rhizomes under the trees.  This will help keep back the grass.  I have so many irises that needed to be moved anyway... & it will be so beautiful.

This is where I'm digging them out, they have held back the grass fairly well here.  The lady living here before us told me the irises came from an elderly neighbour across the river.  They have certainly multiplied over the years.

My little Oliver Twist planting seeds for his easter garden.

Planting potatoes this weekend... they say the time to is when the daffodils blooms & ours are just starting ...and tomorrow is a biodynamic root day... the boys love planting potatoes & are very excited for the task.

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