Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This year he is a garden helper, he sat a long while & plucked chamomile flowers.  Then he started taking them out and it took a long while to sort out the grass.  Oh well!

Last year he got stuck in this tree climbing too high.
Now big enough to climb down on his own.
The biggest kid climbs to the top of this big old tree, & fills his belly until he is ill.
He wishes there were more raspberries.
We've been collecting elder flowers for the fevers the winter will bring.

I love the smell, I like to dry them in this north window that gets soft breezes, filling my house with elder flower perfume.

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  1. Oh dear neighbour across the river...wildcrafting for herbs, climbing trees, eating berries...Love this! We also need to replenish our elderflower tincture ~ and so many more medicines. Perhaps we should have a forage day together? And you probably already know how your boys are sooooo beautiful:)
    xo Jules