Monday, August 22, 2011

Bathing in the sink.

First melon, so sweet!

He can operate the catapult.

Playing on the rainbow rug made by his midwidfe.

She is an amazing weaver, using all kinds of luxurious scraps.

Some of these scraps I have from the clothing designers around here, many of our babe's clothes are made from these fabrics too.

so meaningful and special

Board-game nights with my parents.

A visit up to our water box.

Such an amazing & solid system, 100 years old.

Loving recipes that I can weigh in the ingredients....and in the background our evolving home.

Apricot jam!

Important canning tool from great-grandma Patry.
Boxes of fruit to process....peaches, cots & apples from our fav farm.

And eat.
Slowly hanging up the onion harvest,.

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  1. Wow, what an incredible harvest. So much goodness here! Thanks for coming by Old Recipe!