Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I haven't had the camera out much this hot, sandy beach month of August but here are a few snaps to share....

Garden abundance!

Garlic harvest, we'll save at least half for planting.  

Always my garlic cleaning helper.

Beautiful garlic.

Daily calendula harvest.

Camping at Christina Lake with grandparents, what a beautiful place, perfect weather, warm & clean water, NO MOSQUITOS.... We went for a bit but the grandparents took the big boys for 5 days without us & we are so thankful, we have got so much done here & it was such a recharging break.  Thank you, thank you. 

Rockin granny dance party.

Sleeping guy missing out on ice cream at the 50's diner.
Loves his snorkel.

He wants to live on the beach & never come home.

Beautiful summer beach days abandoning the farm and playing.


  1. Snorkels, dance parties, beach play...almost sounds like our lives, but then you threw in the NO MOSQUITOES! Must have been lovely:) Actually, they're not so bad now, thank goodness. Hope to see you soon?!
    xo Jules
    Oh, that is a beautiful picture of you and littlest in the diner. Love it!

  2. i have been checking the page a lot in hopes of some new pics! I am so happy to see the sunny shots, the snorkel photo is amazing!
    Looks like a summer the boys will remember forever!

    Miss you guys dearly!