Friday, March 30, 2012

rain barrel brilliance

cutting more firewood

plants lifting up

first tastes

i exist (photo by #1 boy)

my kitchen helper

loves to clamp onto the island, wood covered with his little teeth marks

he is adorably odd

always there when I'm cooking (all day).



  1. love the comment "adorably odd."
    and you are beautiful!
    yay for the rain barrel, and for you guys having water again! Wish we had those blue skies!

  2. Thanks Abby,

    We have rain barrel water but still desperate to have it running through the pipes to the house.... it started flowing last Sunday then stopped! We think the lower part (of the 1.5 km line) thawed and now waiting for the upper part to thaw. Could be awhile still!

  3. Those photos of A are absolutely adorable, adorably odd. what a sweetie. :)

  4. Oh, I love it all! I can hear your voice speaking the words as I read them. And very nice photography, really. Your boys always make me smile, adorable indeed...odd...well, that's a mama's liberty. I love 'em! And you are so beautiful...running water or not.
    xo Jules

  5. wow, you have some major patience. Fingers crossed it's running sooner than later.