Sunday, April 15, 2012

hello nettles, had to have a premature taste.  I transplanted a bunch into the edge of my garden, hope that wasn't a bad idea.  The battle of the invasive weeds, it is insane!  At least I can appreciate nettles...

hello sun & beach

Grandparents stopped in on the journey home from Arizona... bearing bags of grapefruit, lemons & tangerines, many from their own trees.  I am loving freely using up the lemons!

Pulling from the garden... overlooked onions from last season.  We're only halfway through  the onions& potatoes  we kept from summer.

Putting in the garden, flowers.

Trying to pace myself & stay on track.

3rd lost tooth, writing a note to the tooth fairy.  Our phone line has been out for 2 weeks so he wishes he could call grandparents & tell them.
And the water is still not flowing here & I am feeling very, very, very frustrated & greasy today.


  1. Are things still frozen there, or do you think there might be another problem that's causing your no-flow situation? Really sorry to hear you still don't have running water. It has been too long!

    Your river spot is so beautiful.

  2. We're still thinking frozen... some friends who had a frozen water line since January just had their water come back this week. Another friend who lives close by said when her water would freeze it would come back in April or sometimes May!! She had some awful sounding stories about dealing with cloth diapers, shaking the crap off into the outhouse and hauling water jugs & melting snow. I am thankful our children were all on the toilet through this escapade.
    I hope it is just frozen, and it should be back soon! And if/when it does I am going to have a big celebration.

  3. My fingers are crossed for you guys that it thaws out soon! Having your water back will definitely call for a big celebration!