Friday, August 3, 2012

Every year the boys help clean the garlic.

I wanted to try braiding my garlic this year but ended up doing the usual cutting off tops and trimming roots, storing in baskets.

Farmers mantra, next year.

This was only our second garlic year at this farm, we didn't invest too much in the seed garlic, pretty much just brought here what we grew from our city garden plot, so we are waiting for our own seed to multiply.  This year we rang in at almost 50 lbs and I plan to replant at least half of it.  

I started baking bread again, after trying to not have too much bread in our lives I noticed it started entering the home again in a plastic bag from the store, though that local wood fired organic bread is excellent (and almost $6/loaf) I needed to make the family bread for so many reasons.

And it is so good.

Life with bread makes life with kids so much easier.

So much lavender to pick this year!  It is time consuming but completely delightful.  I am drying most but also making lavender mead.

Glads.  Do I need to dig up the bulbs & bring them in for the winter?

Boys started some "school" early, making poetry books.  
I just got a scythe in the mail and our Swiss neighbour has been over with his scythe, showing us how to use it.  Certainly is an art and takes some practice but I am making quite a bit of hay already.


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  1. I love your comment: " life with bread makes life with kids so much easier." I truly couldn't agree more. Especially with good sourdough!