Friday, August 17, 2012

Latest homespun & hand knit alpaca/merino blanket...

First thing coming down in the morning, even before noticing the camera Atti nestled in....

then some camera hamming....

we certainly don't keep track of our creations here but here is the latest chair (i think)

LOVE this one

Comfy & full of character...


  1. Beautiful creations! I, unfortunately, do not know how to knit. Do you ever sell or trade your knitted goods? I love the colors in your cozy blankets.

  2. Hi! I just got linked to your blog from
    I was browsing for awhile and thought your kids looked familiar... then I realized that I used to serve you at the Kootenay Co-op! Such as small world, I live in Halifax NS now. It's nice to see your adorable kids (who always had the best hair cuts and still do!) and a little piece of BC! Very beautiful blog.

  3. Apologies for delayed response, I took off on a road trip...
    I encourage you to learn to knit, super easy with some practice (I learned on youtube), easy to bring everywhere & work on whenever waiting or visiting and such... though I warn totally addictive! I do sell some items, at a local shop, online and at a local Friday market.
    I checked out your blog, I remember you too! Small world... are you going to the art school in Halifax or are you from there? Good to hear from you!

  4. Thanks, love. Yes, this fall and winter I am going to try my hand at it with something small at first, like washcloths.