Sunday, August 12, 2012

We went to a Linen Festival a couple of hours away.
Fibre flax grown on the farm, after being pulled, retted & dried.

Breaking & scutching.


Linens from the local Doukhobor museum.

high tech low tech spindle

I really enjoyed spinning flax!

I liked this lady`s Sidekick wheel.


Some beautiful animals on this farm, including the angora goats.

Can`t wait to try growing a patch of linen flax in the garden next year.


  1. Oh, it looked like such fun, dear friend!!! Sighs. I'm happy your family went along instead of me. Next year, though, for sure. Now you can tell me all about it on Tuesday :)
    xo Jules

  2. Yes, what fun! We have a Fiber Fair here every year. It would be lovely to have a demonstration like this.

  3. How wonderful!
    I am anxiously waiting our fiber festival this fall!

  4. I would like to go to a full on fibre festival.... maybe host one some day...