Wednesday, September 5, 2012


saving poppy seed (to spread around the fields)

zucchini days... roasted with olive oil, garlic, s&p
we tucked these slices into our salmon burgers
also good grated into rice with spices
always good to pass along zucchini ideas 

my uncle & aunt's home grown (organic) red fife wheat, they gave us a big bag of it
my aunt tells such a romantic story of the history of red fife

red fife sourdough bread

beach snacks, good garden food

new projects

red/pink yarn dyed with madder, yellow is tumeric...

apple season... old variety apples from our trees, spots are just surface, still yummy


  1. last night i sauteed it with just a little olive oil + butter, added water when it needed a little more liquid but not much so would brown a bit, salt, chopped garlic midway + then just a little crushed red pepper at the end. seems so obvious but everyone went crazy for it somehow.
    the knitting looks so beautiful.
    as always this place is my favorite place on the web.xo

  2. tried your technique here, it was excellent! 3 more zucchinis to use up now, it has been a lovely zucchini summer.