Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ten toes

The children are so cute, especially before they know the camera is on them because then they go performance mode.  We were watching him before he knew we were, the boy went at the chicken carcass like a barbarian (wearing a suit).

I enjoy them most when they are sleeping not just for the quiet but they look like babies again & I could stare at them and smell them for hours.


  1. oh the cutie- he reminds me of my boy who is 8. :)
    Yes, yes they do look like babies again when they are sleeping. I thought this just the other day when I looked at my 11 year old girl asleep- same position, same relaxed expression as when she was a baby. It makes me feel kind of sad!

  2. amazing post, V in his suit is so dapper! A is such a sweetie pie.

  3. The chicken eater is my 8 yr old, though we are tiny people & so he looks a bit more like 6...
    I feel the same way, sad to lose the babies yet imagining them being babies forever is the most exhausting thought imaginable! There is nothing like holding & inhaling those sweet little bodies and all their wonder... they are soul balm.

    Amy- Dapper is the perfect word for this boy.