Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Here is a load of random & shots from the past 2 days... sometimes it is nice to take snaps of the little things in life, to look back & remember how the day to day usual stuff was.
Guess that is what this blog is for.

trying not to use much grain, but soaking my (fresh ground organic red fife)  flour for at least a day in kefir & water when i do

paintings that we are working on each day, letting it dry & going back to it

the boys took out a self defense book from the library
constant action
i need firmer rules about the books they take out

he has become very skilled with his bow & arrow

eating lots of roasted veg & fermented veg

i enjoy chopping kindling & each time think of my dad saying it should be almost paper thin

Papa's new fav beer... & meat from our friend's delicious & well cared for cow.

our fire guy

my soaked flour dough makes great pizza crust, a kind of rare treat around here lately

where i spend most of my life 

now i can dictate letters & he writes his words, here a note saying, I love you Papa that he stuck on the bathroom door with a piece of clay while papa was bathing

soaked & cooked oats with stevia, fresh milk & flax

mousey snack

thanks Kristen, I'm into it!

teasing out the under wannabe dreads, a daily chore, my hair is so thick

river walks, seeing the swans, the thrill of my life
they are so big!
and so absolutely beautiful


  1. It is usually the posts with random bits and pieces which I enjoy most!
    The swans would be the thrill of my life too. :)

  2. I love what you feed your baby boys: the love and conscientiousness/thinking that embodies your choices. also,your life seems so perfectly unedited and fits right into my idea of some beautiful Scandinavian ladies of the past (oh, if we could go back in time). lately this one word inspires me: "Pragmatic" I don't know why