Monday, January 28, 2013

results of the onion skin dye pot

my latest (4th) weaving...

i learned so many tips while weaving this, or shall i say while warping!
in the end an alright piece of cloth, wool & linen, the wool remnant scraps from my stash, & the linen  i used for the warp was a shoe box of yarn my mom gave me after my aunt cleaned out her mother in laws crafting stuffs & it ended up here!

i jumped in, cut & sewed into a perfect tunic (with a little pocket).
i still can't believe it worked out.

i should take some better shots.
this was a dream of mine, to make yarns & cloth & sew a tunic.  it is something i wasn't sure if i would ever do.  
but i did!
and i am proud to have learned it all on my own.


  1. So much beauty!!! The skeins at the beginning are many more than I had thought you'd dyed. Oh, the weavings you'll make! But your newest weaving is gorgeous...however you managed to take scissors to it, I'll never know, but it turned into something so incredible. Even better in real life! I'm happy you are accomplishing so much fibre art love!
    xo Jules

  2. So beautiful! and what a cool feeling to have done absolutely ALL the creating by yourself, when making that tunic!? I admire you a lot and love love love all the weavings you have showed here on the blog.

  3. You should be proud- it is beautiful- and amazing! And the tunic looks just perfect on you!

  4. Wow, very impressive.
    You are one talented lady : )

  5. You SHOULD be proud. It is again so inspiring to see how much you get accomplished. This tunic looks great on you.

  6. That is so fantastic!! It's beautiful, and perfect, and must feel so great to have made! I am so inspired by weaving. I really should try to build a simple loom. Well done. I am smiling for you! :)

  7. oh my godddddd this is so beautifulbeautifulbeautiful ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  8. HOLY CRAP! That's all I can say. Incredible lady!!!