Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On our road there is a children's centre with a playground the boys have been eyeing for awhile. On one of our walks we met the lady who runs it and she said we could use the playground anytime. So the next day we were there and we had fun. How wonderful to live so close to a park. The boys were swinging and sliding and climbing. This little guy slept all snuggled into mama.We rode bikes down to the river, just up the bend from our place. This is becoming a daily routine. This day was a bit chilly and cloudy, we were getting so used to the heat and sunshine. Ah well, 8 degrees and no snow or rain ain't so bad for March 2.
And I primed my floor! Bye bye ugly brown floor and huge rug that made me mad at my kids too often. A fresh painted floor and my new chalkboard will be going up today, ready for learning chalkboard drawing and form drawing lessons.
I should have taken the photo in the sunlight but I'll get better finished floor photos up, hopefully that will be soon.

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