Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Sticking With You
#2 chases #1 saying' "I'm glue!". Poor guy, sometimes a sibling wants a little space, but usually you'd find these two together. And they are lucky for it.

I'm still struggling to decide if I should get this Great Pyrenese. If I do it might be Wednesday, now I have to try not to stay up all night thinking about it!!

And our littlest is still suffering the digestive issues... this makes 8 days. It is almost certainly teething, he is chomping his gums together and his shirts are drenched in drool. His spirits are good, just so much bowel action. I found the perfect homoeopathic remedy for him (podophyllum)but can't seem to find it anywhere around here. So I'll continue to feed him as much as possible and drink as much water as I can as well.

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