Saturday, May 29, 2010

seedlings, seeds, garden love

I've put out most of my seedlings now, planted the window boxes with scented stocks, planted out most herbs from inside. I've still been starting more inside though, it seems easier to keep track of than seeding in the garden sometimes. I have a fairly poor set up, just seeds in a pot of dirt on the windowsill.
We have a lot of basil about this side, this is large leaf, for making pesto for our famous pizza Fridays. We're also growing holy basil which is a favorite tea of mine.
I've started miniature roses from seed! I'm so excited to see how these turn out, I want a garden full of roses.
I started too much sage this year, this scragly guy is reaching to be in the garden...
Crowded chamomile, can't wait to smell your flowers...
1 in my mouth and 2 in each hand. That's what Jack says in our story this week, the kids love it. So we have planted our pole bean tipis, each with an opening for the kids to crawl into. I planted marigolds around one and nasturtiums around the other, so they can call them by name. These are our italian pole beans, a little doukhabour granny was giving me handfuls at a seed exchange a couple of years ago. They are good, I'd really like to try out some new varieties, I love scarlett runner... any suggestions? Our bush beans this year are french "Rolande", makes me think of grandpa.

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