Monday, May 24, 2010

May Long

It was good to have some company this weekend, Grandparents Y & R came for a visit. That makes 3 visits already this year, which is great, the kids can really feel a connection. One positive thing about the grandparents being a bit far and coming for visits is that we get some serious quality time together. I like the idea of having every Sunday night dinners and dropping the kids off here and there, I would love that!! But these kind of visits are pretty special, the boys get so excited and I feel I get to really have a break, but still be with everyone. So the guests stayed out in the trailer, we had some cold nights, mornings with frosts. I lost my tomato plants and had to replace them with plants from the nursery. I think we are past frosts now but I am really learning the gardening lesson of waiting... its better to plant later. And I really want a greenhouse off of the house. There is a lot to consider, we don't know if we should be trying to subdivide or rent and build a house or to add on to this one. Anyway...


  1. looks like you guys had such a great visit, cant wait to see you guys this summer.

  2. I didn't have the camera out much, Y&R will have much better pictures. But yes, we had a good visit and hope to see you soon as well.