Tuesday, May 25, 2010

snipping greens

We were out in the garden eating greens when babe awoke. Big bro offered to run in and take care of little bro until I was finished. That was so great! I caught them like this when I got in. #1 is a great reader and lucky baby is read to a lot. And this is what I snipped when we were outside. I put them in a plastic bin we had bought local greens in recently, that had cost us $5.99! So we're feeling good about having some food growing again, it is expensive to buy food. And the taste is so much better fresh from the garden and no gas miles included. We dream of a greenhouse, someday.Some shots from around the yard and garden... Beautiful irises...
I'd like to know what this beautiful tree/shrub is, growing against the house. It is buzzing with bees...
Today we met with some other waldorf inspired homeschoolers at the nature park. There were 13 kids ages 4 months-7 yrs. It is a great group of people. We had a circle time, snacks, some closing circle songs. We were able to share a few ideas & we'll meet again next week. We hope to do some puppet shows, dancing, crafting, etc together, maybe find a space to meet in the winter for some classes. We'll see!

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  1. Love the pictures, very inspiring! I wonder if your little shrub is some sort of honeysuckle? It sure looks gorgeous! And my iris's aren't even close to being up - jealous!!!