Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surmounting the Gophers

Still working through those fangs... still on tylenol...

We found another chick dead, a wee seabright. And we figured out the cause... gopher attack. Never heard of that before. So bizarre.
Now we have taken down the chick run and Papa built a smaller but gopher proof run. Poor frightened chicks.

And picked up a gun, pop!pop! Something about this pose is so manly.

He had a hard time getting to work today, he just wants to shoot his new toy. Has yet to kill one but they are scared little critters. We have a hose running into some holes. You kill my chicks! Now you're going to die! Try not to be too jealous of our gopher gun Kristen.

And we picked up Gramps at the airport today, totally cloudy morning but they landed! So good to have him here too, he's already got the boys busy fixing. Brought us some barfi from an indian restaurant too, what a name for these yummy bits.

1 comment:

  1. Warning! Do not read this if you are with PETA.

    I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!!!! I can just imagine myself, either in Joel's pose or laying on the ground like a sniper and blowing the little heads off the baby gophers! And they are killing your chicks?? Well that would be enough for me to go on a rampage!
    And Sev is sooo cute. I'm so glad he's feeling better. Makes you thankful for drugs.