Monday, June 14, 2010

The past week

We had a birthday.... can't believe he is 6 now. What a wonderful little man. He is so sweet and full of love. And so beautiful to his mama.... He makes my life more amazing than I could have imagined before we met. I am so lucky to know him....

This bday cake is the Craggy Chocolate Cake, soooo good, still craving it. No flour, but full of dark chocolate, butter, sugar, & eggs. Oh so good, with whipped cream. Mama Sita Senorita!! We need another b-day soon so I can bake another! (JB)

Bow and arrow, for both the big bros...

Scrabble fun and hot potato baby...still teething, I think the upper 6 are all coming in, a few almost broken through, on tylenol approx. 1/per day.

Sweet Att, a worker man...

Yeah, celebrating the gopher kills of the day!! Around a nice bonfire, Joel is wearing the baby carrier here, too bad its blocked in this shot, soooo bad ass.

Bike tune ups with Gramps.

Sista Erowyn makes the best pound cake (& everything) ever. Goddess of the kitchen. Special delivery post b-day.

Baby baby has a glass fetish, never saw anything like it before.... Give me that glass, oooooh.

In the chicken realm, we received 4 new laying hens (not pictured) from friends in Nelson. They had the by-law green onions visit... $2000 fine or bye-bye chickas. Welcome to Berekoff Rd city slickas, by the humans at least, the other old hens want to put you in your place, bottom of the pecking order. These Rhode Islands are going through some serious adjustment.

We had a really sad Sunday. Our Bjorn (favorite baby black sheep) had to be put under....tetanus. Poor guy. It was very challenging. We are feeling pretty bad and rethinking taking on so much. We'll try and sell the sheep. Wait until we can give them more attention. This shouldn't have happened. I think we are just to busy with an infant in arms. And this family is booked in for tetanus shots next week. On this old farm of rusty metal it is necessary. Not looking forward to that. I guess I'm still questioning it...the kids have to get the full DPT shot, I wonder why not just a tetanus.
And our Coconut. She is huge! And she is getting better, calmer, less puppy everyday. Everything has its phase, everything continues and changes.

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  1. When I saw the picture of you and Joel in your homey gun pose of FB I was going to comment that I don't think you're rednecks yet cause I don't think rednecks would use baby carriers. Then I rethought and thought I'd better not say that cause I may offend the possible rednecks on FB who do use carriers! Lol! As if there are any! They put their babies in gas powered baby strollers with a chilled cup holder for their beer! haha! just kidding!
    Anyways, so exciting that Valen has turned 6 and I love his wishing face. Very innocent even though I'm sure he's wishing for weapons! haha!
    I'm gonna have to try a glass for Eden too. She's into books and magazines that I'm reading right now. It's so cute how these objects make babies just go wild. Aahh to take pleasure in the simple things in life.
    Kisses to all of you.