Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Henley Teapot

I gave Papa such a delightful b-day gift, so fine that I think its mine- besides he really wanted a fancy esresso machine. This is one awesome teapot, it makes such a difference in the taste of the tea. I followed the instructions and seasoned it, now we never really wash it, just give it a rinse. I got him/me the small one but now I really want the big family one. I told him I'd make him a pot of tea waiting for him by the door on his way out every morning, then he brings it back at lunch for me to use for the rest of the day.

Supporting the local artisits, I bought a cup and lightswitch plate at the festival on the weekend. Both beautiful but I'll have to exchange, both are faulty! The cup drips and the plate doesn't match our screw holes... But they are beautiful aren't they...

Love the quote here, but I didn't really want purple anyway.
Give thanks for abundance!!!

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