Monday, June 28, 2010

Papa's 32nd Birthday

It's always sunny for this guy's birthday, since I've known him and legend has it, since he was born. And he is like a sun beam from the heavens, warming our lives, a shining light. In his early 30s he is in top form and young at heart. A great papa and partner in this journey, we celebrate his existence. Today it was over 30 degrees... good thing we have this new shady swing!
As requested, a chocolate cake, it was very fun to make, served with berries and vanilla ice cream (his fav).

We spent some fine hours at our beach, b-day boy was doing all sorts of crazy dives and acrobatics and flips. Gotta keep that body agile, it goes fast, I know!!

Downward dogs...

And a lovely family dinner at "the" restaurant. Always good to get out.
Well the garden is bouncing back. Our fine tuning of the fence seems to be keeping "them" out, no sightings or missing plants these past days. Maybe we will feast this summer yet. We're eating peas now...

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