Monday, June 21, 2010

zenith at the tropic of Cancer

Yay solstice, the longest day of the year! However I cannot help but think that the days now begin to dwindle and wither away into fall. Poppycock, this is the first official day of summer! I know we get a few months of some serious heat from here and the best months of the year. We are starting to really feast from the garden, the hens are giving us way too many eggs, and friends have lots of fresh raw goat milk to sell. There is life everywhere and so much activity. We have been jumping in the river everyday. Yesterday I swam in a thunderstorm (just at the beginning, it came up so fast). Yes, a beautiful time of year.... Papa is going to perform, but the rest of us are missing the big annual solstice party that we usually make it to. Too much work for this mama, but we'll be there next year if the earth doesn't explode with all of this oil spill craziness....

We think we'll be saying good bye to our sheep friends tomorrow, if our friends pull through and pick them up. It is funny though, having space from the tetanus incident I feel more capable to handle them and I've really warmed up to Birla, I can stroke her face while I feed her, and the little lamb, Bjork is playing a bit with us and Coco... But I know, we will see sheep or alpacas or goats or a nice jersey cow or some horses again one day. I need to wait til I get my arms back (from holding baby), because it takes two to catch an animal to give it a shot or check its health, and we need to get set up with fencing and planting trees, etc. We only have a small amount of free time everyday with papa already working a full time job and drumming a few nights per week and me full time 24 hours with the children, no family around. Leaves not so much time for anything but the routine. Nice we can choose, we aren't real pioneers...I suppose pioneers didn't go into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to buy land though? Cause that carries its own stress...It is good, but we want to really enjoy this time in our kid's lives and I really need the steam to be a kind mom with the energy to deal with things in a positive way (because that takes a lot of energy!) & I love my boys!!As well, I figure we can re-focus on the plants, the garden, planting trees, harvesting lots of wild edibles. Maybe work on our falling over house and finishing the studios. Off this (south) side of the house we will build a covered deck, and put in some glass doors, hopefully start next week!We want to put some love into the beach area here too, we picked up a shade gazebo/canopy thing for shade with removable screen walls and an old style lawn mower, a reel mower? Need to plant some shade trees down there and keep them protected from deer.

Did I mention puppies are tonnes of work? She's been the biggest load and stress. Do I like dogs? Unsure. But I do love her, its just so challenging. Hmmm puppies are like children!

Gils, look at Sev with Eddie bear, and I realize the other stuffies are from you too! Well, he loves these guys. And beautiful handmade quilts from Granty Dee and family friend Kathy.

I killed a gopher by beating it to death with a plank in my garden yesterday, it felt so good.

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  1. i have a great pyrenes as well and yes she was a lot of work, i called her my full time job! I have so enhoyed my visit here and want to build a pizza hive of my own now!