Monday, June 21, 2010

Ode to Adds

What a funny kid he is... So intense, so extreme, so easy to love and so hard to handle, they key word being SO, because whatever
he is, he is fully that. He loves to scream, eat, fondle, be heard. He would have you read him a pile of books and cuddle above anything, except maybe eating cheese or dough or whatever one may be cooking or chopping or rolling out, he is usually there lingering like a vulture and threatening you with all kinds of gruesome torture if you don't give him what he wants, there is no inbetween. He is passionate and heartbreaking.

His latest thing is not going to bed, he likes to run across the room (which shakes the house in a scary fall through the floor way), scream out windows, call for water, etc. I'm uncertain of how to handle it because in this small house it wakes up baby bro and big bro cant sleep either. But it will pass and we'll be on to the next challenge. I am dreaming of a one level rectangular house, with cement floors, and a few bedrooms. Also content here and now.

Yes, he always has food on his face, I can't keep up to it. I do wash it many times a day, with futile results. I must also add that his sensitive skin (he struggled with eczema on his cheeks & chin) has been cured by a wonderful cream I bought at the Peachland market last summer, the site is, we use the Avignon Original Cream, I find it amazing for our skin and it is a natural sunscreen as well. Highly recommended. Glad we went to Peachland last summer. Craving an Okanagan trip again soon.

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  1. What a funny guy he is! He really does sound a lot like Livi, living life to which every extreme suits them at the time. And like him, she always has food (or snot) on her face! I feel like I haven't seen him in so long, he looks so much older and mature. I sure have some cute nephews! Thank-you dear sister!