Thursday, August 5, 2010

Already August?

A canoe ride down the river to our house... that is the kind of thing you can do while grandparents are around... it was serene, felt like we were on the bayou, waiting for crocs to peep an eye out of the water, there were some guys playing banjo on the banks...Granny's old fashioned custard... New improved shelf... have painted wall since....

Evening mosquito clean up provided by the swallows... Bye Papa, have fun at Shambhala...
Down another chick, black cochin, we gave them food scraps and they aren't really used to that so didn't eat it fast enough, the gopher must have smelled it though... we spotted a fat one in the run a few days ago.

The garden is now starting to produce summer squash, beans, tomatoes & loads of flowers. We sprinkle edible mum petals on many dishes just to make it beautiful. The first of many to come...A friend brought back fruit from Cawston, apricots & peaches. We are freezing, drying, but mostly eating fresh!

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  1. Sevae looks so cute in that pic. And Valen with the fresh carrot- adorbs!